oil & gas

AI driven products to equip geologists at the oil drilling wells & remote labs for enhanced productivity & accuracy

Smart Cutting Sample Analyzer

  • EnrichAI’s Smart Cutting Sample Analyzer uses high-resolution digital imagery to capture high-quality digital images of cutting samples for improved descriptions. 
  • Enable real-time accurate description of color, texture and shape of cutting samples using propitiatory machine learning algorithms.
  • Can be deployed within 15 days at a oil well drilling site.

Collaborative Geo-Science Hub

  • Real time archival of digital images of cutting samples post annotations at a centralized location. 
  • Automated tagging and cataloging of images based on time, site location, annotations etc.  
  • Permission based accessibility to on and offsite geologists to access the catalog of image samples to review annotations and provide feedback.
  • Provision to be white labelled and deployed on premise as well as private clouds.

Transforming Upstream operations using AI & Image Analytics

Industry experts validated solutions to capture,transmit and consolidate data into a central hub and generate reliable insights to improve cost efficiency of upstream processes.