Solutions, which help customers in the manufacturing industry digitise processes, achieve real time visibility and monitoring resulting in an increase in efficiency of operations, optimisation of costs and identification of losses through better predictability using data captured from systems.

Predictive Maintenance

  • On Premise solution using Proprietary Machine learning model to determine probability of failure of equipment parts in a machine.
  • 50 plus data points ranging from parts usage to line and module utilization to production completion information to previous error occurrences are overlapped. 
  • Models are ensemble to provide highly accurate prediction results.
  • Provision to remodel algorithm based on initial feedback
  • Integration with in house maintenance systems 

Real time Asset Health Monitoring

  • Condition Based Monitoring of operating parameters of equipment used in a power plant.
  • Automated triggering of alerts to operators in shop floor and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team.
  • Analysis of historical trends of equipment parameters.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • Collaborative platform to digitise logging and tracking of operations and processes involved in a shop floor.
  • Production floor management, Work In Progress and Stock Inventory Management, Order Management
  • Real time visibility into WHICH product in HOW MUCH Quantity and WHERE is being manufactured.