Solutions, which help customers in the manufacturing industry digitise processes, achieve real time visibility and monitoring resulting in an increase in efficiency of operations, optimisation of costs and identification of losses through better predictability using data captured from systems.

Usage Based Auto Insurance

  • Solution developed for auto insurance companies in India to enable “Pay-As-You-Drive” feature using advanced telematics. 
  • Computation and bench-marking of driver scores based on driving patterns and overlapping external conditions such as weather, time of day, road conditions etc.
  • Quantifying and qualifying the driving risk via advanced Big Data analytics.
  • Personalized recommendations to drivers to make changes to their driving habits.

Fleet Tracking

  • Real time allocation of fleet to drivers.
  • Tracking and tracing movement of vehicles. 
  • Geo fenced based alerts. 
  • Route planning.
  • Tracking idling team, ETA, adherence to defined routes.

Collaborative Logistics

  • Cloud based solution developed and deployed for a leading logistics marketplace in India to share, communicate and collaborate in real time between Truck Service Providing partners, Material vendors and clients. 
  • Order tracking and management. 
  • Payments management and reconciliation. 
  • Automated generation of E way bills. 
  • Driver and Vehicle Analytics. 
  • Operations Dashboard
  • Driver Mobile App